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Michael Dawkins introducing a brand new studio single: Make It With You

January 2022 - Reggae artist Michael Dawkins is ready to kick off the new year with a truly fantastic new song titled “Make It With You.” The song is also becoming incredibly successful on an international level, especially in the South African, British and Jamaican reggae chart. Currently, the song is on top of the chart (N.1) on Roots FM world Reggae’s chart, one of the most prestigious in Jamaica!

This song features a very bright, passionate and distinctive sound that feels intuitive and dynamic, with a retro vibe and a bit of an old-school twist that might remind you of of some of the true pioneers of the Reggae / Lovers Rock scene. The drums in particular are really dynamic, locking in perfectly with the upbeat rhythm guitar strokes in order to create that distinctive syncopated groove that is one of the hallmarks of the genre. In addition to that, Michael Dawkins’ music is indeed quite distinctive due to the power and soulfulness of his one-of-a-kind approach to vocals.

If you enjoy the sound of classic reggae music, this song is definitely for you, so do not pass up on “Make It With You” by Michael Dawkins! The track is now available on Spotify and many other digital music streaming platforms.



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