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An epic song with a 6/8 groove. Heavy and uplifting it encourages one to look beyond times of trouble as there is a reason for everything.


Fix your eyes
Searching the truth that brings questions to your minds eye
Forever more
Light of the day will shine on you

Look to the sky, as I stared at the storm
The violent wind rushed through my soul
Lightning will flash, thunder roars
Awakened destruction of dreams on the floor
Muddy water, I just can't swim anymore
I know that if I just close my eyes
This moment will pass with time

Left behind
Free from the fight with the storms of the past look beyond
Find true peace
Then you will know it will last to the end of your life
Where's the truth
What are the words to the unfinished song in your heart
The light of day
Carries you on so just stand up and do your part

On and on, let it shine
For the wind can make music with chimes
Storm clouds that hide the night
Above them, the stars are still shining bright
Rain falls, dreams call, they are one in the same
When the sun sets it gives light to the moon
Don't give up on life too soon

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