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Morning Light is a spirit filled adventure of Good Vs. Evil

It reminds us of the Charlie Daniels song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" only this time
he went south of the border... down to Florida ;)



I said yeah we’re going to ride tonight. I got my spirit filled guitar six string and it’s by my side
Got the devil on my trail trying to throw me
Off the rails amd I know it’s life or death tonight

Yeah we gone be alright we have the Holy Spirit here now as a guiding light and I know that my enemy was born to fight but I know I’ll make it through to the morning light (hallelujah)

Verse 1
Everybody saddle up and let’s ride it’s the straight and narrow path if you want to survive you see the hounds of hell what they smell is sin
So it’s truth we tell about this hell we are in
Eyes up when I feel the devil trying to stop me
I must look for strength in a holy posse
So I went and got Matthew mark luke and john
sent a couple letters out so by the end of the song you’ll see that Paul’s on & Timothy is too
You might be thinking oof the devil gone do

LThat devil well he isn’t a dummy he’s sharp and cunning I could feel him on my trail when I started the running

And now I’m in a race for my life and soul do so i seek Gods face as I go toe to toe with the devil and and his soldiers it may seem like he’s got the upper hand but wait the song ain’t over

Verse 2
The devil had a little trouble in Georgia, so he headed straight south for the border to down Florida . I felt God calling to get my house in order

So I picked up the mic
I picked up the fight
And I
Started writing songs inspired by The Word things started getting clearer you see God is a verb and So as i dug into scripture God painted a picture he said keep me close and take the Holy Spirit With yeah

We know the devil is the father of lies so as he starts getting closer on this ride tonight
I’m not gone trust my eyes I’m gone trust in God see putting on thel armor is only part of the job
You must love thy neighbor as you love thyself

The Devil only wants me to love myself
But I know full well that the ends in sight
And with the help of a savior we gone see the Morning light

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