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ISRC QZNWS2467031 Ballad ´bout a war that hopefully will end soon. text and music by Björn Karlsson


1.) Some say I’m an actor,
in this tragedy,
with just a grand title,
that is to big for me

a hero or villain,
don´t matter to me

I wonder can you see me
or can you believe
in a man with many angles
to see the world (Ukraine Free)

2.) I was born in the times
of another cold war
the world was divided
between two different goals

of marxism ideals, that had drifted to sea
and capitalist freedom, with a western appeal
I wonder if any of these lies are real ?

3.) Some tried to kill me, wondering why
you can’t kill an idea, so why even try?

There were many before me, ( and others) will succeed
struggling for freedom, or is that just a dream
that is being played out, on a media screen.

4.) It says in the old book that truth set you free,
that may be the case, but in my reality
it’s more like a drama, with no end in sight,
but for TV networks who´s ratings are high
and the price for their ads just spike...

5.) Some people are calling,
telling me what to do,
reporters are filming
it’s a crazy (spoken)media show.
It’s real blood we’re bleeding,
both sides of this war.
Real people are dying,
real rockets explode.
And mother get letters,
their sons are no more

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