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As we go through life, each day is like looking through a window. A window is that's what we see out of our eyes. We see through it each day and we close it when we sleep. This particuliar song represents Windows of my Life.


Windows Of My Life
hooooooooohhhooohhoo hhooo,
I'm looking through my window.
The rain is coming down. The grass are so green.
Flowers are blooming. Trees are so green. yeahhh
Birds are singing. Who's to say that they're not singing
a word of praise?
A word of praise. Who makes the grass green
Who made the flowers glowing? Somebody greater
than you and I.
I turn the chapter. Windows of My Life
I was so burdened down. With no friends around
I began to cry. yeahhahyeahyeah. I talked to Jesus.
I was born into the groundhhhoundddhoounndd
He wipes the tears from my eyes.
I said Lord come into my life.
You make a new creation out of me, yeahyeahhhyyeeaah
I need you, Oh I need you, Lord
(The whole world needs you, Lord)
Changed my life around yeayyaaayayay hohohoo
The tears gone away. God gave me a brand new day
The windows of my life eeeyyyeyyy
The windows of my life

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