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I would like to introduce to you an act which we are developing. B-Rock is a young rap artist.
B-Rock was brought up listening to old-school rap classics at an early age. By age eleven, he developed an interest in new-school artists such as Notorious Big, Tupac and others, all of whom have heavily influenced who he is today. B-Rock has also strongly been impacted by Eminem, which is evident in some of his songs, but not transparent. To his credit, B-Rock has a style unlike any other.
For a sixteen year old, B-Rock’s lyrical skills are very intelligent. His rapping style is very articulate and coherent and his rhyming and vocabulary are extremely impressive. B-Rock is in touch with the thoughts and feelings of the average teenager growing up in today’s world. He has his finger on the pulse of today’s youth, as well as tremendous insight into his own self.
B-Rock’s 2nd album, “Face The Music”, contains a variety of styles. B-Rock engages his listening audience with this characters and persona through his lyrical story telling. B-Rock’s future looks very promising, if his debut album is any inkling of what is to come.
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